5000 uniques – a journey worth celebrating

On 27 January 2011, illiards or me – not sure who – created the Back of the Ferry Untappd account. Since then it’s been an integral part of a beer drinking journey that will never end. Untappd, however, provided numerous punctuation marks along the way and receiving the Epic Badge was one of the more significant.

Whilst Back of the Ferry’s Untappd activities have brought much joy to the account owners – bladdamasta, illiards and Cyril – it’s been a delight to share parts of the journey with family and friends who’ve been amused and occasionally bemused by the lengths we’ll go to for a unique beer or venue. Fortunately amusement is the dominant reaction and that motivated the participation of so many in the celebration of the 5000th unique beer check-in.

Now over the 7 years of the Untappd journey, we’ve checked in in 22 different countries and checked in the beers of 73 nations – but fortuitously we were able to time the 5000th to be on the Back of the Ferry with many of BotF’s closest friends and witnesses. The brewery whose beer we’ve checked in the most over the years was none other than 4 Pines and courtesy of bladdamasta’s daughter our 5000th was a growler of Peanut Buttercup Porter fresh from the tap – entirely appropriate.

After much paparazzi work on the Back of the Ferry celebrating the moment – we adjourned to the on land spiritual home to reflect on the 5000 behind and plot on the 5000 in front. Thanks to all that joined on the day (Molly, Ella, Paul, Anita, Maeve, Peter, Jeremy, Toby). Special mention must be made of Kieran. He was present at the 2000th unique in NYC and managed to manage the diary to proudly witness the 5000th (he’s witnessed many of the 5000 as well).

So on to the next 5000.