6000 uniques …. and no badge

Back in March 2018 the backoftheferry team celebrated 5000 uniques, as recorded by Untappd, the app that has been an integral part of a beer drinking journey that will never end. At 5000 we received the ‘Epic’ badge for our achievement. Untappd, normally quite generous with it’s badges, presents us an odyssey of 4000 further uniques before we get the coveted ‘Uber’ badge – 10,000 unique beers. So nothing from them at the 6000 mark. We’ll make of our peace, I am sure, with not being rewarded till the Uber milestone.

The lucky beer chosen as our coveted 6000th was the Dead Dingo Brut IPA from Wayward Brewing. Just as it states on the tin, it was a dry as …

In another first, we let our loyal readership see a bit of the highly technical faffery that goes on during ‘the making of’ on the backoftheferry.