$2 pots, $4 pints – Monday spesh @theworkersclub Fitzroy

So I’m back in Melbourne regularly.  Love this city. Enjoying the inner city suburbs.

Here’s a ridiculous priced treat. I ordered a pot, and thought the barman said $10! “$10 bucks!!?!”. “No – $2 bucks”.

Mondays are good at the Workers Club. $10 buck burgers, Nacos and $8 buck jigs. No wonder the Uni Students are piling in.

4000 @untappd uniques celebrated on the Back of the Ferry

Founding four, around 2011

On the first of February 2011, illiards and I downloaded the @untappd app. @untappd is a great beer drinking companion, and whilst the Back of the Ferry blog ebbs and flows, BotF’s @untappd usage has remained constant. It’s copped a flogging recently with trips to Europe and China providing no shortage of uniques. But there’s no finer place than the Back of the Ferry to drink a unique.

The founding four, 6 years and 1000s of beers on

Lamb0, pommy_ch, illiards and bladdamasta founded this blog in 2009. Over the years our gatherings have become more and more sporadic as work interrupts our BotF time more and more. Amazingly and without any planning, the founding four just happened to assemble on the evening illiards and bladdamasta checked in the 4000th @untappd unique.

@untappd #3998 – beerito, Mexican style beer

Cyril Dickthorpe, who has contributed to the 4000 pulled out at the last minute and sent his apologies. We also missed oompaloompa and Tony from Toowoomba – who are presently far away. 

Nomad at the Turn Bar.

In the old days (the pre 1000s) it was possible to visit any bottlo and pick 3 @untappd uniques (a beer not checked in to our @untappd account) for the voyage home. Those days are long gone and for a three trip unique you’ve got to plan and visit a champion bottlo like the Oak Barrel.

There was some careful selection for 3999 and 4000. Nomad’s an insular peninsula brewer and one we’ve seen develop since this whole thing started. Saltpan Desert Gose (3999) sums up the variety that craft beer now. For 4000 though (given no unique 4 Pines were available), we couldn’t go past a Doctor’s Orders Ronnie. We love Doc and he loves us as has been documented. His Tonic Witbier was a perfect way to knock off 4000. We are holding the Tonic tins the second photo.

Great voyage and here’s to 4000 more. About February 2023 I reckon.

Closing the loop on 12SQM Bar

A Beijing relic in Melbourne

One of my favourite Beijing haunts was the 12SQM Bar, self proclaimed as “Beijing’s smallest bar”. It was to be found near the southern end of NanluguoXiang, but as I’ve discovered on return visits has bitten the dust along with numerous other great watering holes.

Imagine my surprise when I popped into a hitherto undiscovered hole in the wall in Melbourne to see an old sign on the wall – 12SQM Bar/Cafe.

2009 pub crawl

Through the wonder of Google Photos, I was able to drag up a photo of a 2009 pub Beijing pub crawl and send it to the owner of the Whisky Den. “Is this sign from Beijing?”. Sure enough, he confirms that it is. He also confirms 12SQM’s demise or demolition to be exact. I am so glad that a little piece of Beijing history has been preserved – even if it is 9000km from its original spot. The owner of the Whisky Den just needs to get a pie warmer installed and it’ll be like being back in Beijing. Aaah – nostalgia…

A meat pie, Coopers and a ‘roo in Beijing

Whisky Den: 2b/27 Russell Street, Melbourne.

A contender for world’s 2nd worst beer

02/02/2017 2 comments

My favourite beer writer is a bloke named Aaron Goldfarb. Right at the beginning of Back of the Ferry, I discovered his now retired blog – “The Vice Blog“, which contained hilarious articles about beer – including a savage, but very funny sledge on Foster’s. He now moves in more sophisticated circles and writes about beer for Esquire, Playboy and  Punch, which is an awesome online journal about all things alcoholic.

Aaron’s most recent contribution is a fascinating and detailed story about the “World’s Worst Beer”. It is well worth a read, and he interviews the guy that created it and sold it to a macro brewer a number of years ago. BotF wrote an article about it in 2011. We were comparatively generous in our views.

Lucky the wind didn’t change

The photo at the top of Aaron’s article is of the author grimacing as he swallows a sip of the World’s Worst Beer. That photo is very similar to an image captured of this correspondent the moment after he swallowed a mouthful of XXXX Summer Bright Lager with Mango. I can assure readers that the reaction is entirely spontaneous and visceral. Surely a candidate for the world’s second worst beer. It is hard to avoid fruit in beer these days. In January alone, I drank at least three beers where blood orange was involved. In China, they are everywhere – but none were as rank as this. It simply made me shudder and grimace involuntarily through a combination of sweet and sour. We joke that we drink some beers so you don’t have to. This is a classic example. Run a mile.

No words

Open Baladin & a Nomad a long way from home

23/01/2017 1 comment

A trait shared by your BotF correspondents is our ability to eke out the maximum number of craft venues visited in the smallest time available on every trip and at each destination. Often at the expense of stability on the home front. Take my visit to Open Baladin in Rome recently.

I had marked down this brilliant craft beer destination on my map prior to visiting Rome. But with a small tribe and Mrs BotF to escort round the sites of Rome, it was a venue too far. I had snuck a few in already and I was getting a very definite ‘don’t push it’ vibe from the offspring.


The brilliant Open Baladin and a Brookie local hiding near the door

So there we were, luggage packed for the 21 hour flight home, kids in bed in readiness for the sparrow fart dash to Fiumicino & all nerves frayed as only those who have packed for three kids have experienced. Then my phone goes ‘ping’. Message received. I open it to see my brother and sister-in-law parked at the bar at said Open Baladin. 35 taps of liquid gold. Bugga. How do I play this?

Some quick mental calculations. 10 mins in a cab, let’s say 3 unique crafties, 10 mins back…..1 hour tops. So here goes. Opening gambit to Mrs BotF. “Jeez my brother’s at that place I mentioned, the one with the 35 taps?”. No response. “Would have loved to have got to this one. I guess there’s no time now”.

Silence. I was going to have to earn this one.

Silences are just waiting to be filled. You just have to wait.

I got a response but you must remember I am dealing with a master.

“I guess you’d better go” partnered with the stink eye. How do I read that!?
A lesser correspondent would have got back in his box. I chose to take the ball and charge through the meagre gap offered – straight to a cab and the joys of Open Baladin.

What a place. Innocuous entrance off a nondescript street. But an Aladdin’s cave of craft beers await, including a great takeaway list and some quality merchandise. It was hiding amongst the takeaways that I saw a few offerings from Brookvale’s own Nomad Brewing. These boys are long way from home but then again we shouldn’t be suprised given the distinctly Italian backstory of how Nomad came into being.

Open Baladin was a full as a tic and the menu looked pretty good. A top tip might be to book if you want to eat. As for me, I parked at the bar with my brother and tried my best to choose 3 beers from the 35 on tap that adequately represented the range on offer. It was a tough ask but I had a crack.

I tried the floral Trhibu IPA, the smooth caramel of the Sweet Earth Brown Ale and the smarting Maciste Double IPA.

Open Baladin is a must if you are after a great craft beer venue in Rome. Maybe just leave yourself a little more time to enjoy it than I did.

Open Baladin Roma
Address: Via degli specchi, 6 (zona Campo de’ Fiori) – 00186 Roma (click for map)

Dam Burg – probably what Edward Smith’s last words sounded like

In situ post

No Damn Bergs on this guy’s voyage

It is always a very exciting day when Mr Liquor at Circular Quay introduces a unique for Back of the Ferry. Even more exciting is when we are the first to check it in on @Untappd. Untappd  is BotF’s equal favourite app (along with TripView, which is critical for next ferry – particularly during the confusing summer timetable).

Dam Burg – the deets

Dam Burg is brewed by Brouwerij Martens of Belgium. These guys have been around for 255 years and must brew something good, but in Oz (and at Circular Quay), we’ve only been exposed to Martens Pils. Martens Pils used to go for $10 a six pack at Mr Liquor, but was lamentable at best. Martens beer list on Untappd is looong. There are a couple of listings for “Damburger” beer, but none for Dam Burg.

Now one’s been checked in

I wonder whether the contents of Martens Pils are the same as Dam Burg. There is that malty EuroSwill aftertaste, but it isn’t as rank as I remember Martens Pils.

Great afternoon on the harbour with two big boats in. Great to chase one down the Harbour and pass it.

Two big.boats in the Harbour

Even the Friday night federales have left us alone. Friday Ferry Finery.

Crystal Symphony in our wake

Dad and Dave’s soft opening & the blessings of an industrial estate


World’s happiest brewer…Dave.

Your correspondent has never been Captain Decisive and never more so when Mrs botf pounced on our current abode on Sydney’s lower northern beaches. The main reason was the proximity of a rather large industrial estate at Brookvale.

As I learnt of the benefits of having several score Hardware & General outlets within 90 secs of home I started warming to the idea but the relatively recent plethora of small brewery openings, culminating in Dad & Dave’s Brewing soft opening last Saturday, has radically changed my view. Industrial estates are a blessing.

Dad & Dave’s comes off the back of 4 Pines Brewing and Nomad Brewing having started great establishments in the local estate, opening their doors for punters to come and enjoy a bit of their product. Dad & Dave’s was just a soft opening, granted, and are just open 2 – 6pm Saturday currently. However, Dave promised big things ahead with a ‘hard’ opening promised…..at some point.

Dad & Dave’s Brewing
2/1 Chard Road
Brookvale, New South Wales, Australia
(click for map)

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