Jack & Bones and alcoholic root beer

I like root beer or sarsaparilla. It is a polarising drink, but I’m a fan. Was very pleased to see an alcoholic version behind the Tiki Bar that is Jack & Bones. Down a flight of stairs in Flinders Lane, they’ve done a great job with the beach/Tiki look. Future Memoirs of a Root Beer is made by the makers of Doss Blockos and F&$k the Rent, East 9th Brewing. Nice job on the beer. I drank over ice as recommended.

Kona Brewing has been very generous with the paraphernalia. Two fabulous neons and plenty of mini surfboards and a tap head. That Anheuser Busch Distribution is paying off for them. Seeing Kona all over the place. American good plus Chicken Parma. Could do worse.


Jack & Bones Island Bar: 107 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Vic