Bentspoke Brewing – a notable addition to Canberra’s highlights

The future of my children is very important to your correspondent. With this in mind I set out to our nation’s capital with #1 son for the open day at the Australian National University (ANU). The open day was all very impressive with the appropriate non-committal grunts etc from my 17 year old.

What was more notable was the quick check of Google Maps I made from our hastily booked accommodation only to find a fortuitous craft brewery just a block away.

Bentspoke Brewery

Woah! Look at those tapheads.

Bentspoke are one of those brewers who take personalisation of their beers to next level. Each beer gets its own identifying symbol – more often than not something mechanical – and this symbol sits atop the tap handle for each beer. I absolutely love the care and thinking that goes into this and generally it is then reflected in the beer itself. The only improvement I would propose is that there is a merch range for each of these personality-rich brews. I certainly would have purchased a few sneaky t-shirts with some of these designs.

A few months after this fortuitous visit the good people at Bentspoke reached out and asked if we’d like to try their Red IPA, Red Nut.

Bentspoke Brewery

Beers with personality

Red IPAs and Amber Ales are the Back of the Ferry’s absolute sweet spot at the moment. All those brilliant, rich caramel flavours.

The Red Nut does not disappoint as we gave it the full Back of the Ferry treatment.

During the earlier visit to the brewery I had sampled the rich and wholesome Sprocket IPA, the lip-smacking Dick Tracy Brown Ale and the #squintingly good, like a smack in the chops Stratus IPA.

So along with the Questacon, Floriade, and the faded old lady that is Canberra’s casino, Bentspoke is a must visit on your Canberra itinerary.


Bentspoke Brewing
Address: 48/38 Mort St, Braddon ACT 2612 (click for map)