Induction* – Margaux #141


It is great to see the ranks of the 2nd Generation of Back of the Ferry growing. Margaux is a frequent visitor to the insular peninsula and an aficionado of the attractions of the Glorious Inner West™ all at the same time as her beverage and bar selections demonstrate.

Favourite beverage: Brookvale Union Ginger Beer

Favourite sport to spectate: NBA & EPL

Area of trivial expertise: Geography

Favourite pub and why: Wayward Brewing: Because it was my local all through uni and the first brewery I went to when I turned 18. Lots of good times there with friends and family, and my parents house is littered with Wayward memorabilia from bar mats to totes to glasses.

Induction ceremony performed by members #1, #3 and #103.

*Jade Class Junk inductees get a chance for a do over. See Induction* 140 for info.