The Steve “Bundy” Temple Can Bar

Your correspondent is a lifelong supporter of the Eastwood Rugby Club. I don’t get to see ‘em much these days having moved to the insular peninsula – but the prospect of seeing them in a preliminary final at Rat Park on a sunny Sunday was too hard to resist.

Local lager

The ‘Woods opponent was Sydney University, Australia’s oldest football club of any code. Watching the game with me was “The Horse” a stalwart of Uni’s second row in the late 80s and early 90s. In that era the game was more robust and the second rowers often committed atrocities against each other. One of the most fearsome places to play was Rat Park. Warringah were an uncompromising team and the bloke you didn’t want to run into was Steve Temple. Even the cardboard cut-out of Steve Temple that graced the old bar on the hill was fearsome.

El Primo position

The Steve “Bundy” Temple Can Bar was updated in 2019 and in addition to fridges well stocked with cans there’s tap beer serving Modus Operandi Pale amongst other things. Club Rugby is very much about the community and it is great to see the local brewer on board. Modus is one B1 stop from Rat Park.

The Students-Eastwood game was the first of two preliminary finals that Sunday arvo. The Horse and I were able to snaffle prime position on the roof of the Can Bar. Ordinarily I’d go a tap beer, but the Modus “Rats” Lager was an @untappd unique and at $5 a tinnie. Hard to go past. As the game went on people joined the Horse and I in our eyrie. Why wouldn’t you? What a fabulous place to watch rugby when the weather is fine. Don’t forget your baseball cap. The only that ruined a perfect afternoon was the ‘Woods losing by a point to the heavily favoured Students. Heartbreaking loss with two penalty goals and a field goal missed in the last 10 minutes. At least the pain was somewhat numbed by lagers in the sun.