Induction* – Kathy #140


Our latest inductee to Back of the Ferry membership falls into the category “Long time listener, first time caller” category. Fellow BotF Founder Charlie and I have known Kathy for many, many years and she’s heard plenty of stories about the Back of the Ferry over those years

Fortuitously, we found ourselves travelling home together and we quickly organised an induction ceremony.

Favourite beverage: Chardonnay

Favourite sport to spectate: Tennis

Area of trivial expertise: Old movies or 80s music

Favourite pub and why: “Up until recently it would have been the Wisemans Inn Hotel. I spent many enjoyable evenings in my youth at the disco, and it is in such a beautiful setting. But lately, it would have to be Bucketty’s at Brookvale. Such a great place for families to gather”.

Induction ceremony performed by members #1 and #3, with post-induction festivities held at 4 Pines Brew Pub.

*Why the asterisk? Unfortunately the #worldsbestcommute is no longer the #worldsbestcommute as the Jade Class Junks have replaced the beautiful Freshwater Class ferries on the weekday runs between Circular Quay and Manly. I had to quickly discuss with fellow founder #2 whether an induction ceremony could be held on a Jade Class Junk, and we felt that so long as the event was asterisked and the inductee had the opportunity to be later inducted on a real ferry, the ceremony could proceed.