SurfCraft Brewing Co – Beers and Boards

Back of the Ferry had the great pleasure witnessing the launch of SurfCraft Brewing Co and the celebration of Brookvale’s past and present. The weather was cracking and the punters were lined up down the street trying to get in.

Nathan (R) – SurfCraft Brewing creator

Nathan Gazzard, the creator of SurfCraft Brewing Co, is a romantic nostalgist for the history of Brookvale. A major part of that history is a group of 6 surfboard manufacturers that set up shop in the streets of Brookvale in the 1950s and 60s. The Brookvale 6 as they became known were at the forefront of the Australian surfing industry.


The latest industry to boom in Brookvale is beer, so it makes perfect sense to blend the past and present into one concept. SurfCraft Brewing Co plans to make one beer that pays tribute to each member of the Brookvale 6. First cab off the Brookvale 6 rank to be honoured is particular pertinent to many of the Back of the Ferry inductees, including those that attended the launch. So frequently do some us visit Bennett Surfboards, a visit is often referred to as “Going to Church”. And contributions to the collection plate have been generous over the years.

Nathan and Bennett family members

The beer made in honour of Bennett Surfboards is Pintail Lager and was brewed in collaboration with Dad & Dave’s Brewing. The use of Nelson Sauvin hops gives the lager a lift with Sauvignon Blanc note. The can design is quite stunning and deserves a t-shirt all of its own. In fact the design work of everything SurfCraft Brewing is beautiful. The boys were quick to add to their burgeoning collection of shirts.

Back of the Ferry beerp0rn

We look forward to following the SurfCraft Brewing Co journey and learning more about the Brookvale 6 and tasting more delicious beer.