Luxus 8.5% – a new Mr Liquor unique

#3pace v 1 can

At Back of the Ferry we love it when Mr Liquor introduces a beer that is an @Untappd unique. For many years Mr Liquor has specialised in bargain basement Euroswill™. Six packs of Weidmann Pilsner, Dam Burg and Luxus are all available for $11.99. Recently, he’s introduced a new version of Luxus that really needs a health warning attached.

BotF beerp0rn

Luxus Strong Belgian Lager is sold in 500ml cans and comes in at a whopping 8.5%ABV. It is winter in Sydney and pretty cold on the Back of the Ferry. A single can of Luxus 8.5% absolutely #knitsabeervest™ and is the equivalent of 3 cans of the 330ml Luxus pilsner (4.2%). #3pace is a popular hashtag, but three of these and you’d be carried off. There are hints of Belgian yeast, but rocket fuel dominates.