@BurnleyBrewing – going well in 2020

Burnley Brewing streetscape

I write this post sitting in T4 of Tullamarine – waiting to flee Melbourne. Now BotF is prone to bouts of hyperbole, but that’s what it feels like. Melbournians are aghast that a New South Welshman would visit and family and friends from NSW think I’m mad. To be honest I feel as safe as houses in the right setting. Limiting my movements to my hotel, the office and the occasional bar/restaurant where all staff are maniacally keeping things clean – the risks are low. The cabbie who took me to the airport was masked and sanitised, and was overwhelmingly grateful for the fare. You’ve got to feel for Melbourne – so many people being undone by the actions of a few.

The Royston – an old favourite

So whilst not feeling bulletproof, I ventured into the Melbourne ‘burbs to catch up with BotF members #78 and #99. Burnley Brewing was the venue. The tram which ordinarily crawls along Bridge Rd “flew” along and I was able to sneak a quick couple in at the Royston – an old favourite. Melbournians are chafing at the bit, and the Royston probably turned away thirty hopeful patrons whilst I sipped away. It was July 1, but I honestly think I had beer of the month with the Co-Conspirators Double Butcher going down a treat. Got the first pint off the keg (is that a good thing – probably). A favoured style of illiards and me – this is an exemplary take on a red imperial IPA.

If you see it, drink it.

But this post is supposed to be about Burnley Brewing (which isn’t in Burnley but is close enough.) BotF visited in Jan 2018, which must have soon after they opened. (But typical of the slack nature of our blogging – no post about it…). At the time, we noted that they were “hitting it out of the park” (Untappd – Jan 2018).

Two and half years later, they are still here. (No surprise – the beer is good). Gleaming brewing tanks dominate the large space, which would ordinarily take in plenty of punters have a few beers and a decent feed. Pizza dominates the menu and they are good pizzas.

The tanks and the beer

When I catch up with members #78 and #99 the focus is on mindless yabbering. And understandably the tap list is slightly more restricted. But I knocked off two uniques, which were at opposite ends of the spectrum. It is rare that I meet an Irishman I don’t like – but it happens. The same goes for beer, but that happens more frequently that dud Irishmen.

I’m sure that a number of punters would love the Cucumber and Mint Lager. Probably better in a salad, and I’d probably dodge that salad as well. A Oncer™ for mine and I’m glad I order the smaller size.

The Flex (a West Coast IPA) is a stone cold classic and deserves the write-ups it has received. An old school chewy, big, piney IPA – just loved it. The tanks promise some interesting beers soon. “Peach Melba NEIPA” and a key lime pie nitro sour are on the way.

Totally deserving of a return visit. There’s takeaway and merch as well. And once Mountain Goat re-opens opposite the Royston – you’ve got a good little crawl going.

Burnley Brewing: 648 Bridge Street, Richmond Vic

Royston Hotel: 12 River Street, Richmond Vic

Mountain Goat Beer: 80 North Street, Richmond Vic