Dam Burg – probably what Edward Smith’s last words sounded like

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No Damn Bergs on this guy’s voyage

It is always a very exciting day when Mr Liquor at Circular Quay introduces a unique for Back of the Ferry. Even more exciting is when we are the first to check it in on @Untappd. Untappd  is BotF’s equal favourite app (along with TripView, which is critical for next ferry – particularly during the confusing summer timetable).

Dam Burg – the deets

Dam Burg is brewed by Brouwerij Martens of Belgium. These guys have been around for 255 years and must brew something good, but in Oz (and at Circular Quay), we’ve only been exposed to Martens Pils. Martens Pils used to go for $10 a six pack at Mr Liquor, but was lamentable at best. Martens beer list on Untappd is looong. There are a couple of listings for “Damburger” beer, but none for Dam Burg.

Now one’s been checked in

I wonder whether the contents of Martens Pils are the same as Dam Burg. There is that malty EuroSwill aftertaste, but it isn’t as rank as I remember Martens Pils.

Great afternoon on the harbour with two big boats in. Great to chase one down the Harbour and pass it.

Two big.boats in the Harbour

Even the Friday night federales have left us alone. Friday Ferry Finery.

Crystal Symphony in our wake