Dallas, TX and Goats are better than Sheep

Your correspondent recently had the good fortune to be in Texas. My primary reason to be there was to, of course, add shareholder value but there was also plenty of opportunity to get to some craft beer venues. The lucky first venue was Rodeo Goat in the Designer District of Dallas.

Across the USA you’ll see this type of bar everywhere. From the outside anyway. Besser block construction, blinking neon sign, no windows and a baking carpark out the front with a scattering of cars. Hardly attractive and who knows what you’ll find inside. Could go either way. It might be an absolute gem and going off. Or it’s tumbleweeds and few surly good ol’ boys ready to break a pool cue across your head.

Rodeo Goat was absolutely the latter. There was a large lunchtime crowd tucking into a great burger menu, a well populated bar and a very fine set of taps – 20 odd – dispensing craft beer from the Dallas Designer District. It was an absolute belter of a place!

My colleague and I set up shop seated at the bar and punched out some burgers. From the tap list I tried the Community Beer Project Mosaic IPA (#squintingly good) and the Fire Ant Funeral Amber Ale from the Texas Ale Project …loved the malty caramel.

Rodeo Goat was indeed so welcoming that several hours later we wandered back for a cleanser to put a full stop on our evening.

Rodeo Goat
Address: 1926 Market Center Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207, United States (click for map)