Peticolas Brewing and this how you do beer merch

Just a short Uber from Rodeo Goat, the subject of an earlier post, and still in the Designer District of Dallas, is the Peticolas Brewing Company. Michael Peticolas, owner and founder, is considered the William Wallace of craft brewing in these parts as he fought the city to permit the first breweries in modern-day Dallas. For this your correspondent is eternally grateful because a) his taproom is top notch b) the tap list is supreme but, best of all, c) the range of merch is off the scale.

Your correspondents here at Back of the Ferry love their merch and Peticolas has an extraordinary range. Just focusing on the tee shirts, there was at least 15 variants. And plenty of the normally out of stock Ls and XLs. I left with a swag.

Of course I was in a brewery and I’d be culpable if a few samples weren’t enjoyed. Maybe it was the excitement of the merch but I made a schoolboy error and came out of the blocks with the NIEPA, the Don’t Think It – Won’t Happen. This was a beauty of a NEIPA, just spot on, but because of the hammering (in a good way) it did to my palate anything that followed would be muffled.

So it was for the the Golden Opportunity Kolsch. Normally I’m a fan of the style but I’ll need to try this one again sometime.

Peticolas Brewing Company
Address: 1301 Pace St, Dallas, TX 75207, United States (click for map)