A Mr Liquor unique and Toohey’s Country Special

A Refreshing Ale

Two completely unrelated beer musings. On Friday Sydney turned on a cracker and inductees #1, #2 and #100 decided to run the Friday afternoon security guard gauntlet. Our nemesis was on the boat, but he must have left his sun cream at home and we were able to enjoy an uninterrupted voyage. The Harbour was chokkas and the Captain had to sound the horn a couple of time at errant yachties. Great fun. It was #2s shout and he was delighted to snaffle a 6 pack of Stockade Brewing Co Refreshing Ale – a Mr Liquor unique. And one that hasn’t fallen off a container at Botany.

An errant yachtie

On Saturday, your correspondent was enjoyed a #wollombitavern5dollarschooner after an afternoon of decking. Very surprised to be able to order a Tooheys Country Special. This is a limited release of a throwback to celebrate 150 years of Tooheys. In the 80s, I worked in a bottle shop and drank in Glebe pubs (amongst others). That gave me a front row seat of a early wave of exotic beer drinking. Hahn Brewing has started and was making Bocks and bottle shops were importing weird and wonderfuls. The British Lion in Glebe prided itself on serving bottles of beer from far flung lands (Kenyan Stout) and even the Coxs Road Cellars stocked varieties other than VB, KB, DA and Tooheys New, Old and if you were desperate – Country Special. It was a sign of wealth and sophistication to front a barbie with a six pack of Hahn. Alas, that fad lasted only briefly. The 87 Stockmarket crash routed jobs and wallets and the last thing you could afford were pricey beers. Tooheys Country Special sales boomed as it was so cheap. Thanks for the memories Tooheys (or Lion or Kirin or whoever owns you now).

Retro drinking