Induction – Graeme #105


Aah – April in Sydney. It is the best month. Blissful weather, the water temperature is at its warmest, public holidays coming out your wazoo – what’s not to like. And on a temperate, clear evening like last night there is no better place in the world than the Back of the 6pm Manly Ferry.

It was a good thing that Sydney turned it on because our latest inductee has heard so much blathering about how good the #worldsbestcommute is, there was a risk that Graeme might have been underwhelmed.

In truth Graeme received royal treatment. He was inducted by inductees #1 & #2, had his photo taken at prime time and was treated to a post induction de-brief at BotF’s spiritual home at the 4 Pines.

Muled by Graeme

Graeme’s been a willing and some would say patient participant in a number of your correspondent’s more recent Melbourne and Sydney beer adventures. He’s also thoughtfully muled samples from the Mornington Peninsula for us to try. Indeed it was a pleasure to finally have Graeme finally experience the real thing, rather than read or hear about it.

And so to the questions.

Favourite beverage: CC and Dry

Favourite sport to spectate: Test cricket (and so ensued 10 minutes on the upcoming Ashes)

Area of Trivial Expertise: Australian Sport

Favourite pub and why: The rooftop bar of Saigon’s Caravelle Hotel because it has plenty of history, offers a wonderful drinking climate and has great views.

Induction performed by bladdamasta #1 and illiards #2 on the MV Freshwater