Brookvale Brewvana

Who would have thunk it?

Your correspondent purchased his castle in lower Brookvale many years ago due to the end of an affordable existence in Sydney’s glorious inner west. At that time Brookvale was cheapish due to, firstly, an abundance of 1950’s asbestos bungalows and, secondly, it’s position adjacent to the sprawl of motor mechanics, Hardware & General shop fronts and brothels that are the Brookvale Industrial Estate.

Fast forward 10 years and, despite the council threatening to change zonings to enable the ‘hipstification’ of the estate (no thanks, I need my auto mechanic nearby rather than having to drive to Auburn), it has happened anyway. And, in the best way possible, due to osmosis as canny business owners spot an opportunity in tired industrial space or run down shop front.

So who would have thunk it? I am now in the enviable position of having four craft breweries within 3 blocks of home. BotF has already spoken of the 4 Pines Truck Bar, Nomads and Dad & Daves. These establishments seem to be thriving and one or other is a regular place of worship for your correspondent each weekend.

Joining this Brookvale brewvana are the team from the 7th Day Brewery.

Started by a group of locals from nearby Curl Curl, the initial manifestations of 7th Day were the odd crowd funding or two to spin up a brew at the Curl Curl surf clubs. With the new taphouse at Brookvale these guys have leaped into the big time – and they have done it superbly.

The taphouse is nicely kitted out and they have recycled most of the fittings from the tenants they replaced or other defunct sites across the northern beaches. The space is airy and welcoming and caters for kids – so you can pop down, enjoy a few crafties while maintaining your appearance of parental responsibility. The food available is Italian and excellent as you can order to your table in the taphouse from Sale Pepe, which is just next door.

I was lucky enough to attend the opening night and sample some of the first brews served at the taphouse. They currently have on tap an attractive quartet of a Pilsener, Pale Ale, XPA and an IPA – the IPA is a stand out. There is a juicy NEIPA just weeks away apparently.

One of the joint owners, Ian, was kind enough to take me on the tour of the premises. His enthusiasm was infectious and he is clearly proud of the endeavour and what they aim to achieve. A nice touch was the presence of team members from the other Brookvale brewvana premises, 4 Pines, Nomads and Dave & Dave’s breweries, on the opening night.

Since the opening night I’ve been back 4 times. So this is quite the venue.

7th Day Brewery
Address: Unit 14, 9 Powells Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100 (click for map)