Happy 9th anniversary to us – an enduring blog and more

Bladdamasta, Cyril Dickthorpe and Illiards

The 9th of November was when Back of the Ferry graced its first social media channel. 9 years later, Back of the Ferry continues to blather about beer and wonderful places to drink beer. Whilst our digital appearances have become more sporadic over the last few years, the world of beer will always provide enough experiences to make us want to write for another year and beyond.

We tried to reminisce in traditional fashion with some sherbets out the Back of the Manly Ferry, but an officious security guard (a Friday foible of the Ferry system), ruined this, so we were extra thirsty when we arrived at another spiritual home. After a couple of false starts, 4 Pines Keller Door has hit a real groove. @untappd uniques appear with remarkable frequency and there’s a place to drink in the sun.

9 years ago

As we sipped through 5702 and 5703 uniques, we looked back through previous anniversary celebrations. We were pretty busy in our first year. 300 articles in our first year, and 25 BotF inductions. By year three, we’d moved solidly into the world of @untappd and celebrated both our 3rd anniversary and our 1000th @untappd unique.

Birthday #3

As time has gone past, our writings might have become less frequent but our enjoyment of the conviviality of the Back of the Ferry and the world of beer hasn’t waned. We continue to perform inductions, we continue to explore breweries in Australia and around the world and find new amber experiences. We might share those experiences less, but there’s still life in the old dog. And we are old – 9 years is an eon in the world of beer blogs. Whilst we’ve seen some blogs come and go, we’ll keep on going. Oh, and by the way according to some site we are 9th on the list of Australia’s Best Beer Blogs – not bad in our 9th year.

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