Dad and Dave’s soft opening & the blessings of an industrial estate


World’s happiest brewer…Dave.

Your correspondent has never been Captain Decisive and never more so when Mrs botf pounced on our current abode on Sydney’s lower northern beaches. The main reason was the proximity of a rather large industrial estate at Brookvale.

As I learnt of the benefits of having several score Hardware & General outlets within 90 secs of home I started warming to the idea but the relatively recent plethora of small brewery openings, culminating in Dad & Dave’s Brewing soft opening last Saturday, has radically changed my view. Industrial estates are a blessing.

Dad & Dave’s comes off the back of 4 Pines Brewing and Nomad Brewing having started great establishments in the local estate, opening their doors for punters to come and enjoy a bit of their product. Dad & Dave’s was just a soft opening, granted, and are just open 2 – 6pm Saturday currently. However, Dave promised big things ahead with a ‘hard’ opening promised… some point.

Dad & Dave’s Brewing
2/1 Chard Road
Brookvale, New South Wales, Australia
(click for map)