4 Pines Brookvale HQ Bar and The SG Bar’s raffle. @4PinesBeer @SpooningGoats

Back of the Ferry’s land based spiritual home has a new outlet, and it is a ripper. It’s been a long time coming, but 4 Pines have finally opened their Brookvale HQ bar.

21 taps of 4 Pines loveliness

It’s very much industrial estate drinking. Very limited opening hours and it’s not a cellar door. Pints and halves of 21 varieties of 4 Pines are dispensed from a tap wall that somehow emerges from an old timber truck. 4 – 10pm on a Friday is the only time at the moment, but hopefully that’ll improve over time. 

Scenes from a brewery


You are drinking in a working brewery and there’s plenty of gleaming tanks to admire as well as one hard working Brewer on the night I visited. All the standard range are there (including cider and ginger beer). 4 Pines Keller Door range is very active and I very much enjoyed a spiced maple pumkin ale. The spice was the dominating adjective of this beer and it was a very pleasant experience. Happy that pumpkin beers are a seasonal thing, but when it is the season – well, happy days.


Tanks and a big telly

They’ve installed a monster telly and s decent sound system. Issues with licensing etc, has prevented the installation of a kitchen so viddels are limited to salsa and corn chips or a sausage sanga cooked on a barbie out the front. As crowds grow I can see food trucks arriving. Already a community vibe is building and Jaron and crew should be proud of how it is all going. Peninsula drinking just got better.  

Who wouldn’t want to win this?


Now for a community service announcement. One of Back of the Ferry’s favourite bars (anywhere) is The SG, which hopefully will return to its full name if shortly. This depends on their current legal action being successful. Now it is ridiculous that a small business should put with this, and it’s an overhead he can’t afford. So to pay for fees to lodge a challenge and to restore the name “Spooning Goats”, the publican has organised a very berry raffle. Read it all about it here, but this is a great cause with a raffle you’d actually want to win. The draw is on the 9th of December. 


4 Pines HQ: 4G 9 – 13 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale, NSW

The SG: 32 York Street, Sydney, NSW