Nomad – continuing to delight and challenge the Northern Beaches



Maverick Edition of Supersonic DIPA

Your correspondent has recently taken to joining @illiards and and other aged surfers for a regular surf on the weekends. I don’t surf, but prefer to body wamp in the shallows. If the conditions are right I can join the boys out the back and float, yarn and occasionally act as a turning buoy. A related activity that is becoming more frequent is a post surf visit to Nomad Brewing‘s Transit Lounge, which is the name Nomad give their cellar door. I highly recommend it. It is a lovely way to spend an arvo – food trucks, tunes and great beer. And for @Untappd unique tragics like illiards and I, it rarely doesn’t provide us with something new that they’ve made or is on a guest tap.


Collaroy Gold not on the MV Collaroy

Nomad Brewing is on fire at the moment and recently illiards and I paid a visit and were very kindly treated* to some samples of some of the new releases. It was an afternoon of uniques heaven. Nomad really don’t shy away from putting anything in a beer. The whole industry has gone fruit crazy recently – so while a Peach IPA isn’t surprising – I do think it is my first peach beer. And what a beer. A great blend of sweet and hops, it also looks absolutely lovely off the tap – peach juice. Orien – the Transit Lounge manager – helped conceive the Beer and you can’t knock anything named after a Presidents of the USA song.


Millions of Peaches

Nomad’s owners have strong relationships with a number of US brewers and you’ll often find Stone Brewing Co beverage on tap or in the fridge at the Transit Lounge. Nomad have collaborated with Stone to create two great beers paying tribute to Maverick & Goose from Top Gun. The Maverick is a Finger Lime Double IPA, which amps up Nomad’s Supersonic DIPA (a great beer) with a US hop (thanks Stone) and some finger limes. Warms the very cockles, does this beer. The 7.8% ABV IS perfect to knit a beer vest when you are on the Back of a very cold Ferry trying to give the BotF beerp0rn treatment to the Nomad beer. The Goose (which we have yet to try) is a gose (the Nomad signature Freshie Salt & Pepper Gose) given a hop boost.


Fortuitous Stone T-Shirt at the Transit Lounge

While Nomad loves to push the envelope with its use of native ingredients in challenging beer styles, they also have a great range of pales (Long Reef anyone?). We were delighted to try a relative newcomer – Collaroy Gold. The label is quite simply beautiful and just needs the addition of illiards and I hanging out the back with a couple of them. Whether in the bottle or on tap – this is a really smashable beer with a crisp malty end. Nomad show no signs of slowing down and there are worse places you can be on a weekend – than the Transit Lounge. And they serve takeaway there as well. We’ll probably see you there.

Nomad Brewing Co: 5 Sydenham Road, Brookvale NSW

* yep, we didn’t pay. Nice one.