Happy 10th birthday @4Pinesbeer literally from the Back of the Ferry

An in situ post.

The Back of the Ferry blog turns 9 years old in November. An integral part of the Back the Ferry history includes 4 Pines. From time to time we drink 4 Pines on the Back of the Ferry and often adjourn to the 4 Pines brewpub to continue the conversation. We’ve gotten to know the owners and wonderful staff well over the years. We’ve also drunk over 250 unique beers made by the talented 4 Pines brewers.

In many respects, 4 Pines has been the spiritual home of Back of the Ferry. That’s changing as we spread our wings and celebrate the diversity of Brewing in the Insular Peninsula that 4 Pines pioneered, but there’ll always be a soft spot for Jaron and the boys. And thank you for introducing me to Hefeweizen. Happy birthday – 10 years – Wow.