Drinking in Port Macquarie – Part 1, Black Duck

Four and a half years ago, this little Black Duck paid a flying visit to the Black Duck Brewery in Port Macquarie. En route to a quick Crescent Head surf holiday with illiards amongst others, your correspondent was able to linger a little longer in Port and enjoy an expanded Black Duck experience. First stop was the brewery, which has not changed very much (if memory serves). The massive black Great Dane still roams the floor, albeit, like us all, he is greying a little. There’s 8 (or so) taps to try and their line-up has remained pretty stable. Take away is available and there is the ubiquitous merch on offer.

What’s new for Black Duck is their bar in the centre of town. The Duck on Clarence is a top spot for a few beers, a good feed and on a Wednesday, a good trivia night. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. There’s also a second Black Duck label offering a pretty good Amber Ale as well. Graeme Mahy is a quiet legend in Australia’s Brewing history. He is now working with Black Duck and makes a few of his beers under the 666 Brewing Co. label. (“The Dark Side of the Duck”). As soon as I discovered his Roulette Amber – I stayed on it all night. A great beer.

Why is he a quiet legend. Well he was the first brewer for Murray’s (thanks for the info Beer is your Friend). He rejoined Murray’s when Sean Sherlock left. And according to the Duck on Clarence barman, he helped the Endeavour Brewing boys out with their tap house. Very much an insider who gets to brew 666 creations for whomever he is consulting if my read of Untappd check ins is right. Lucky for Black Duck and visitors to Port Macquarie he now lives in Port.

Black Duck Brewery: 6 Acacia Avenue, Port Macquarie NSW

The Duck on Clarence: 72 Clarence Street, Port Macquarie NSW