Another perfect ferry commute, more Nomad goodness

We were lucky enough to receive a few more samplers from the team at Nomad Brewing including a few belters from the team at Deep Creek Brewery in NZ.

So on a cracking commute home we toasted another hard day adding shareholder value.

We came out of the gates with the Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Project Pine Needles IPA. This beer is one of a range of intriguing IPAs this brewery punch out. The Pine Needles was a stunning rich colour and hit the nose a far distance out. It got highest praise – the #squintinglygood hashtag.

At the Turn Bar (aka Bradleys Head) we tucked into the Nomad Supersonic DIPA “Rainforest Lime Edition”. We’ve tried it’s sibling, the Fingerlime DIPA, previously and it was a belter. The Rainforest variant was a ripper. Lots of cloudy goodness with a smooth blend of pine and lime.

As we glided past Georges Head we cracked the Deep Creek Smoked Chilli Gose. This had a messy first taste – a rauch crashing into a gose – but it came home on a wet sail and got better and cleaner as the tin drained.

Finally, on approach to Manly Wharf, we cracked the Deep Creek Nero Robust Porter. This presented a dirty head but was followed by brilliantly gentle and velvety beer.