@HairymanBrewery – the pride of the Shire

Last year one my favourite new beers was a Pale Ale called Lawson’s Legend, which was created by Hairyman Brewery of Caringbah. I even voted for it in the GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers. So after an excursion to Wattamolla Beach and Cronulla the least I could do was pop in and pay a visit. Very glad that I did.

The brewery was buzzing. JJJ on the radio and GABS Hottest 100 on the computer screen, food truck out the front and almost a packed house. 8 taps and very comprehensive range of merch. I’d already tried the three mainstays:

  • Follet’s Fable – a Pacific Lager
  • Cory’s Claim – a very satisfying Dark Ale
  • Lawson’s Legend – a great Pale Ale

which are all on tap, so I was rapt to see four new beers on the taps. One, in particular, was another nostalgia evoking beer drinking experience. First cab off the rank was Salt Dog, a Leipzig Gose. This was lovely with plenty of clove and not so much salt. Really refreshing and available in long necks. The next beer I tried I’m sure has a typo on the label. Gutsy Pale Ale on @Untappd and Gusty Pale Ale on the label. Either way, another good beer, which gets more bitter after the sip. Ends almost squinting. Available in cans.

As a kid, I loved Creaming Soda. I can’t remember the brand but I remember it was a light brown colour and just so unique with the vanilla flavours. I reckon that’s what inspired the Hairyman brewer to develop Pop Ale. The beer is a lighter colour than I remember my Creaming Soda being, but he’s nailed the taste and my 70s and 80s came roaring back. Just magnificent and one for the 2018 Hottest 100 list.

Hairyman Brewery: Unit 10, 12-14 Northumberland Road, Caringbah, NSW