Nostalgia evoking beer

This week I’ve had two beer experiences that invoked the past. One experience was primarily visual and the other primarily olfactory. Mr Liquor has started selling retro cans of Tooheys New in the old Tooheys Draught cans. It is impossible not to look at the can and not think of Mike Whitney and singing “I feel like a Tooheys or Two”. Grown men became misty eyed just seeing this image on Insta. A few have subsequently quaffed on the Back of the Ferry.

The other 80s nostalgia trip was provided by an amazing beer from the Stockade Brew Co of Smeaton Grange NSW. These guys who make some really good stuff like 8Bit IPA have created a stunning beer that smells and tastes like Reef Coconut Tanning Oil. (If I ever drank Reef Coconut Tanning Oil I reckoned it would have tasted like this). The Coconut aroma was just right and got me thinking about visits to the beach and those olive skinned girls that could put this on and baste themselves for hours and not get burnt. (Your correspondent has a more Celtic complexion and have invited third degree burns if I’d applied Reef Oil). If you see Reef Sun Tan Ale – grab one. Take a big sniff of summer and then a big swig of a delicious coconut rich beer. Shame I’ve already voted in the Top 100 beers.