Bonehead Brewing – self deprecating happiness in Kensington

An in situ post. Melbourne just keeps delivering suburban beer experiences. Whilst I’ve been a slack correspondent, I’ve not been a slack beer tourist. Tonight I’m in the Melbourne suburb of Kensington tipped off by Aust Brews News that there’s a new brewery in town.

Bonehead Brewing is about two home brewing mates having a crack. They’ve had a few trials and tribulations and “boneheaded” moments (hence the name) on the way, but now they are brewing and selling to the public. This place is fresh as a daisy, serving its first beer in December 2017. The photo above lists the four beers available. So far the Half Wit Hero has been my favourite.

Whilst there’s only four beers on the list, they’ve done something pretty unique and brewed a beer with Prickly Pear called Prickled Pink. I haven’t eaten a prickly pear let alone have a beer made with one. One of the brewers grew up with them in his backyard and ate plenty of them. Would it work in a beer?

I’m here to tell you it does. Not too sweet. It is basically the half wit hero with prickly pear added. Great summer beer and just fabulous looking. Good luck boys. Do yourself a favour and visit the lads.

Boneyard Brewing: 86 Parsons Street, Kensington, Victoria