Tins of Beer, Kozel and a very big tinnie

. The bottle shop at Circular Quay has good and bad things going for it. On the positive side of the ledger, it is close to the ferry, has staff that understand the importance of quick service at 5.55pm and has a reasonable range of beers with the occasional oddity available. On the negative side, the beer is often not cold enough, prices are toppy and there are rarely specials. BotF was then very surprised to see a 6 pack of tins available for $9.99. Tins aren’t de rigeur but at that price and the fact that it was Belgian beer no less. The six pack was picked. A bottle of Kozel premium was also procured.

Now I haven’t seen Martens before and given the CQ bottlo’s pricing of it, I wasn’t expecting anything great.  Unfortunately even those expectations were disappointed.  BotF members, Charlie, Josh and I all agreed – flavourless, watery and never to be drunk again – even at those prices.

Kozel on the other hand is an old friend.  Another robust Czech offering in the always welcome 500ml bottle.  I’m actually a bigger fan of their dark version, but there is nothing wrong with this drop.

Behind the Kozel bottle, you can see the Queen Victoria – a relatively new addition to the Cunard Fleet. It is hard to believe that it is not their biggest vessel, but in any event this is an impressive looking boat. It is terrific to see cruise-ships in the harbour and Circular Quay welcoming these types of boats.