Induction – Ryan #48



Back of the Ferry’s latest inductee has travelled many miles to join our select and august group. He also joins with great pedigree behind him and bears great gifts for future posts. Ryan is a Bostonian and is friends of previous inductees Rachel and Linda. The wonderful thing about Ryan is not only does he know plenty about craft beer – he has brought some of Massachusetts finest examples along with him. These will get the full Back of the Ferry beerp0rn treatment in the fullness of time. Ryan and his missus (an orstrayan expression) were given the post ferry 4 Pines treatment, which they, as knowledgeable beer folk, fully appreciated. Sydney Harbour turned on an absolute treat of a sunset, which always occurs when an overseas guest arrives. It won’t be the last time, Ryan and so welcome to BotF. Here are the all important answers to the questions.

Favourite beverage: Smashed Pumpkin – by Shipyard Brewing Company

Favourite sport to specate: American Football (aka gridiron or NFL)

Area of Trivial Expertise: Nike Sneakers

Yep – Ryan lost us on the last answer but no worries. See you again soon.

Ceremony witnessed by Bladdamasta and Dagga (not yet admitted, but honorarily mentioned)