Yuji BBQ and “Australia” Beer

After almost five years living in China one develops a respect for the ingenuity of the Chinese people. If there a dollar to be made and an opportunity to be exploited they will do their best.

BotF happened upon an old haunt for dinner in outer Shunyi and found a string of new restaurants including Yuji BBQ and more importantly a full blown on-site brewery.

None of the bar staff spoke English and my Chinese is only just sufficient to glean basic information. They were new and indeed were serving Australian beer despite the fact it was being brewed on premises. There were two brews (despite three taps) a Lager and a Stout.

There is no mention of Brigalow Australia Beer on the net and a second visit will be necessary for a more detailed investigative process.

BotF sampled both the Lager and the Stout. To be honest initial tasting of the Lager was an immature beer with absolutely no gas but improved upon further sampling.

The Stout was very gutsy and a meal in itself.

BotF is intrigued by the name “Brigalow” which is a tree mainly found in the outer Darling Downs of Queensland. For those with an agricultural slant prevalence of Brigalow trees is normally an indication of good quality soils. The tree itself is a legume and deposits nitrogen over time. Hence Brigalow country is also synonymous with good farming land. Somebody has done some research or it could indeed be that there is an Aussie patron somewhere in the background of this establishment.

By the way the BBQ was fantastic Xinjiang style lamb kebabs with lots of spices. Absolutely delish and any beer is a good compliment.