Stonehenge, Green Dragon and Wadworth Horizon

073We decided to embark on a day trip around Wiltshire, home to Salisbury plain, numerous army bases, crystal clear chalk streams and Stonehenge. We have often driven past Stonehenge, which is in between 2 busy main roads, but this time decided we would stop and have a good look around. An understatement to say a lot of history and mystique surrounds Stonehenge – another interesting place for the blog. There were plenty of other punters here and amusingly a druid (with small set of antlers for a hat) recounting a time she was in Australia meeting aboriginal elders and also talking about unique forces apparently at Stonehenge.


094From Stonehenge we travelled to the market town of Marlborough. Marlborough is home to a number of posh public (expensive private in Oz) schools, a number of current royals have reputedly been pupils including the future queen, Kate. A scout round the shops in the High Street and we dropped into the Green Dragon pub for lunch.

We had a decent feed, cauliflower soup and chicken madras for me. The bar staff were very friendly, the pub has a few patrons, there were plenty of beers on tap and being in Wiltshire, the Wadworth’s brews (Devizes based) were to the fore. I tried the Wadworth Horizon Golden Ale for a change, a light golden summer style beer, fruity citrus taste. It was OK to drink but as I prefer darker style beers, not really one for me. The pub was good, had some history on the walls regarding the great fire of Marlborough in the 1600’s and mention of a beer fest, unfortunately not when we were there and also a venue for bands.

101The last stop of this trip was to Manningford Trout fishery near Pewsey. Crystal clear water feeds the lake, lots of trout, this is a good spot for my son to fly fish. We caught a couple around 2lb. During the fishing, the distant rumble of guns could be heard, also a few army Apache helicopters buzzed low across the lake as we fished to the amusement of young and old.