Induction – Linda #39


Whilst Sydney is supposedly in the grip of winter, she turned on an absolute belter of an evening last night, which was a wonderful backdrop for our latest induction. Linda is a Bostonian and there are ferries there. They have the unfortunate practice of charging for beers on the back of their ferries. It’s great that they have a back of the ferry , but there’s only about three months of the year in Boston where you can survive in the open air (maybe poetic licence). That poses a challenge for BotF correspondents – and a December Boston ferry trip is a must do.

So, to the all important questions.

Favourite beverage: Champagne

Favourite sport to spectate: American Football

Area of trivial expertise: Ancient History (Meditteranean)

A big contingent witnessed Linda’s induction – pommy_ch, Lamb0, kiwisinoz, Cam and bladdamasta. Linda more than held her own and we look forward to her future Australian visits.

Full as a boot

BTW, a smaller contingent than the induction contingent gave it a shake in Manly last night and part of the evening involved a stint at Murray’s at Manly. M@M has come up with one of the coolest glasses of all time, which BotF purchased. There is now real meaning to the phrase “As full as a boot”.