Foster’s & James Boag’s Pure on Orstraya Day eve ferry trip home

Foster's is occasionally drunk in Australia

Cracking weather in Sydney – in fact it is almost too hot. Even with the cooling breezes provided out the Back of the Ferry, it is important to keep one’s fluids up and the BotF boys took the opportunity to try out a couple of homegrown brews.

It is one the great anomalies that the beer the rest of the world associates with Australia is Foster’s. In fact the tagline is “Foster’s – Australian for Beer”. Some pretty remarkable marketing and sponsorship (particularly Formula 1 – a pretty good match), meant that Foster’s has really wedged itself into the international consciousness. Whether in Beijing or the US, BotF has seen Foster’s on the shelves.

One of the better beer blogs going around is “The Vice Blog”. This guy’s review of Foster’s is a riot. He’s a novelist, and often manages to wrap a good story around a beer review. As a patriotic Australian, I should be slightly defensive of such an attack on what is Australian for Beer, but if it was good wouldn’t we drink more of it in Oz? To be honest the tin I had wasn’t that bad. It’s another pretty offensive mainstream Australian lager – and pretty damn easy to scull when it is 32 degrees at 5.45pm. One question I’d like answered is why do the yanks still get the 750ml “Oil Can”, and we are stuck with the 375ml can. Maybe it’s a joke on the Americans.

One reason the writer of the Vice Blog started his blog was to receive free samples from breweries. That hasn’t happened to BotF, but a BotF member – Rachel – slinged this correspondent a bottle of James Boag’s Pure to review. To be honest things didn’t augur well for this beer. If it stood next to a stubbie Steinlager Pure – it would be very hard to tell the difference, and Steinlager Pure didn’t exacty overwhelm. 330ml clear green bottle, red highlights and the same name with same crap about purity etc. A few of us had a crack at it and whilst no-one raved, no-one spat it out. I found it bland, but the other lads felt it was more flavoursome in a Euro, Heini kind of way. Another easy drinker.

"Only from the Island"