Cantina Cerveza – same as Arriba Importada

I am sure that Cantina Cerveza the same beer as Arriba Importada – simply in a bottle with a different logo on it. THe bottle shape is the same, the urine-sample colour is the same and the brewer is the same. Cerveceria La Constancia S.A. makes a number of beers for export, including a 3rd look-a-like that I’ve seen in bottlos, called Cabana.

I can’t understand the rationale for serving up the same slop in three different ways. A retired businessman I know ran a mail order business. He set up a second business which did exactly the same thing and the second business would get letters from ex-customers of the first business saying – “you are so much better than the other mob”. I think the El Salvadorean brewer recognises that purchasers of Arriba/Cantina/Cabana aren’t particularly discerning – ie don’t give a sh1t – and price is the motivating factor at play here.

I’m almost reluctant to add it to the BotF Beer List as a new beer – but only almost. It really doesn’t deserve the beer porn afforded it.