Snowies Blonde Cider

Funnily enough I received an assortment of different ciders as Christmas presents, one of which was Snowies Blonde Cider.

This cider is very sweet tasting, probably due to the fact that eating apples have been used to brew. The bottle label indicated 100% triple blend which I imagine relates to the ingredients – the Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Pink Lady Australian apples.

This cider is easy drinking, albeit a little on the sweet side and not too strong at 4.5%. It has a nice cider colour and bouquet. I would probably buy a few bottles but not one for session with the boys.

This cider hails from the Hunter Valley, brewed by wine makers Yarraman.

I have also included a few pictures of my last trip out in the kayak on Sydney Harbour. Launched on Sunday morning, at sun up, from Little Manly, I fished around North Head. There has been a lot of surface fish action over the last few weeks and expectations were high for a good session with the fly rod. As I searched for surface action, I came across came across a school of fish dimpling the surface, thought/hoped it might be king fish but turned out to be large yellow tails or cownanyoung. I managed to quickly catch four, which will be kept in the fridge for a jewfish session on the beach. These fish spewed up some tiny translucent fish which were slightly smaller than the fly I was using, so I was sort of matching the hatch.

Hunted around for something bigger, it was slow going with the odd fish slashing on the surface, but after a bit of padddling around  finally caught a couple of bonitos on the same fly that caught the yellowtails. Over the Christmas period the bonito have been prolific in the harbour, seems it may have slowed down for some reason, although the water temperature is still high. The king on a fly mission continues.