A contender for world’s 2nd worst beer

My favourite beer writer is a bloke named Aaron Goldfarb. Right at the beginning of Back of the Ferry, I discovered his now retired blog – “The Vice Blog“, which contained hilarious articles about beer – including a savage, but very funny sledge on Foster’s. He now moves in more sophisticated circles and writes about beer for Esquire, Playboy and ¬†Punch, which is an awesome online journal about all things alcoholic.

Aaron’s most recent contribution is a fascinating and detailed story about the “World’s Worst Beer”. It is well worth a read, and he interviews the guy that created it and sold it to a macro brewer a number of years ago. BotF wrote an article about it in 2011. We were comparatively generous in our views.

Lucky the wind didn’t change

The photo at the top of Aaron’s article is of the author grimacing as he swallows a sip of the World’s Worst Beer. That photo is very similar to an image captured of this correspondent the moment after he swallowed a mouthful of XXXX Summer Bright Lager with Mango. I can assure readers that the reaction is entirely spontaneous and visceral. Surely a candidate for the world’s second worst beer. It is hard to avoid fruit in beer these days. In January alone, I drank at least three beers where blood orange was involved. In China, they are everywhere – but none were as rank as this. It simply made me shudder and grimace involuntarily through a combination of sweet and sour. We joke that we drink some beers so you don’t have to. This is a classic example. Run a mile.

No words