Wahlburgers Manly

36-38 South Steyne, Manly has been the address of a few high profile restaurants over the years. The strip between Starbucks on the Corso corner and Ben & Jerry’s on the Wentworth St corner is an eclectic and changing mix of restaurants. Mexican, Thai, Burgers, Mod Oz, Chinese, Fish and Ribs and a Grill now compete with a burger chain restaurant called Wahlburgers.

The Wahlburgers site has previously been occupied by the often raucous Shore Club and more recently the Manly Greenhouse, which I didn’t think was too bad. Wahlburgers has spent plenty on the ground floor fit-out, but it remains to be seen what happens on the two floors above including a pretty damn fine roof top. Most of the design would be found in any of the Wahlburgers around the world or at Circular Quay, Byron Bay or Surfers. I do like the picture of the Manly Wormhole behind the Manly Beach neon sign. Good local touch. The walls and ceilings are covered with references to Mark Wahlberg films. Wahlburgers is named for the three brothers that founded the chain – Actor Mark, singer and actor Donnie and chef Paul.

There’s about 50 Wahlburgers worldwide and apparently there was a reality TV show about the chain that ran for 10 seasons. 95 episodes about “Would you like fries with that”? Go figure. The menu is wholeheartedly American and notwithstanding the Wahlberg memorabilia – there’s a sports bar feel about the place.

The chicken wings (drumettes) and tenders are good value and my daughter rated the burger. The drinks menu is distinguished by the presence of soft drink spiders and “adult-only boozy shakes”. There’s pretty much a guaranteed unique on the beer list (unless you’ve been to a Wahlburgers before), which the Wahlbrewski – their signature pale ale. Drink sizes are 285ml middy, 473ml (American) pint and a 650ml “large” – $12.

Wahlburgers: 36-38 South Steyne, Manly NSW