The Yard Kings Brewing Co – making Morrisset a go-to

Morriset is one of those names I’ve seen as I’ve driven up and down the Pacific Hoghway over the years and not given any thought to. Why would you go to Morriset? Well, that has all changed and suddenly Morriset is home to three craft breweries.

The Yard Kings Brewing Co opened in 2022. Their website tells the story of five families that decided to band together and create a place that celebrates beer, food, music and friends. They also acknowledge two other breweries that have opened in Morriset – namely Lake Mac Brewing Co and Bread and Brewery. A brewery crawl in Morriset! Lake Mac was first up in 2020, and Bread and Brewery looks intimate, but for sheer size, I reckon Yard Kings has got ‘em covered.

The space is huge and they’ve done a fabulous job of turning an industrial shed style space into a nice and airy place to enjoy a feed and a few beers. The space is home to the Yard Brewery & Smokehouse. There’s also a cafe next door. On a Saturday around midday, the punters were pouring in. Tradies coming in for a couple, family groups enjoying a Saturday afternoon out and blokes coming in with their growlers. As big as the area was – I could see the house full sign going up.

There’s 12 beers on tap and many of those are available in takeaway cans. Many bases covered including 4 IPAs, a stout, a lager, an XPA and Pale. I had a can of Czech Dark Lager later and will need to return to try it on tap – exceptional. And their merch is good.

It’ll be hard to ignore the Morriset turn-off in future.

The Yard Kings Brewing Co: 32 Accolade Avenue, Morriset NSW