Yes Chicken and Cass Beer

Shop 1 46/48 East Esplanade is another Manly venue that has had its fair share of turnover in the last few years. Most recently it was the home of Manly’s smallest sports bar (and a Back of the Ferry favourite – Chubb’s. Without any notice, Chubb’s sadly shut up shop, but much of their sports memorabilia is now at their Freshwater outlet.

The latest tenant is Yes Chicken – Korean Fried Chicken and it is a winner. It is mainly a takeout joint and they are killing it on that score, but there is indoor and outdoor seating. They’ve reconfigured the layout significantly from the Chubb’s days and the beer taps are gone. But there’s a couple of fridges full of beer, cider and so-jou (I think).

The food star is undoubtedly the fried chicken – and damn it is good. I’ve always gone the boneless option and the spring onion variety was awesome. Goes well the next morning as well. Don’t know if I can face the creamy onion or the snow cheese – but you are only young once.

The Koreans love chicken and beer, and generally the beer is designed not to compete with the chicken for flavour. That is certainly the case with Cass Fresh lager , which trades places with Hite for top spot as Korea’s most popular beer. There are worse things to do that sit on a milk crate watching punters walk by whilst sipping on a Cass and munching on some fried chicken.

I reckon Yes Chicken has staying power even if they appear less than sympathetic to those with food allergies or vegan or vegetarian preferences. I don’t think I’ve seen a sign in a restaurant that is more upfront about the presence of wheat, gluten, eggs, nuts etc in their food. Well, at least you know where you stand.

Yes Chicken Korean Fried Chicken: Shop 1, 46-48 East Esplanade, Manly.