Induction – John #142


What do you do when Jetstar cancels your flight to Melbourne and you have to stay overnight in Sydney because Australia’s domestic airline industry is a complete clusterf$&k? Well, in our latest inductee’s case, you get a ferry to Manly and get inducted.

John may have had shocking luck in airline travel, but the stars aligned for him in nautical travel. We successfully navigated Transdev’s continued attempts to thwart people catching a Freshwater class ferry home. The weather was cracking and the Ansel Adams of Sydney Harbour photography has his big lense on the following Emerald.

John’s an enthusiastic workmate and I just knew he’d love the trip and tradition of an old school ferry ride.

Favourite beverage: Whiskey (Lagavulin)

Favourite sport to spectate: American Football

Area of trivial expertise: Geography, flags and capital cities

Favourite pub of all time: “The London Hotel in Balmain. It introduced me to Sydney and made feel part of it, but also made me want to leave”. (That’s what he said!)

L-R Inductees #3, #142 and #1

A magnificent voyage was followed with a session at the 4 Pines OG, which is packing in ‘em in again.

Induction ceremony performed on the MV Freshwater by Inductees #1 and #3