PSA – 4 Pines Hefeweizen back on tap

OktoberFest Taphead

Alas for a limited time only in 4 Pines version of OktoberFest. OktoberFest finished in Munich on October 3rd, but toeing the line has never bothered 4 Pines – particularly with Germanic things. They famously dropped the umlaut on Kölsch to avoid being caught by the Protected Designation of Origin. (Interestingly since 4 Pines got taken over by CUB, the Kölsch branding of what is now their Draught was quietly dropped).

Hefe – always a great looking beer

4 Pines Hefeweizen is one of this correspondent’s all time favourite beers, as has been noted previously on these pages. Back of the Ferry will always make note of when it is back on tap as a service to our readers. Not sure how old my 4 Pines OktoberFest Stein is, but $22 for a refill is a pretty good. Might have brought a couple of growlers along as well for old times sake.

OktoberFest bunting in 4 Pines OG