Not too late to try Tawny Grogmouth Mk II

The Tawny Frogmouth magazine is now a wonderful fixture in Northern Beaches life. 50,000 issues, 20 issues in. Always look forward to receiving my copy and reading it on the Back of the Ferry.

The editor of Tawny Frogmouth (or its avian in chief) is Liam Carroll. Liam’s a bloke always with a smile on his face and he loves community, which I reckon is at the heart of Tawny’s existence. Last year, together with Bucketty’s Brewing, Liam launched a community brewed beer to raise money for Wires. It was a terrific initiative and Back of the Ferry enjoyed blowing the froth off a few at the brewery.

A couple of weeks ago, Back of the Ferry attended the launch of the 2nd edition of Tawny Grogmouth. This time money is being raised for the Sydney Wildlife Rescue organisation. The 2nd edition is a fabulous pale ale. It is definitely worth getting down to Bucketty’s whilst there is still on tap and 4 packs are still available. The addition of lemon myrtle and the hint of local honey really elevates this pale ale. The lemon myrtle is distinctive without being overwhelming.

Nick (Bucketty’s), Brent (Brentos) and Liam

A Tawny Grogmouth launch is always a great event. Bucketty’s Brewing has established itself as one of THE live music venues on the insular peninsula. The variety and sheer number of bands that played on the day made the event feel like a music festival as much as beer launch. Just the SurfCraft launch the week before at Dad’n’Dave’s the “venue full” sign was up early at another Northern Beaches beer launch.

Last year’s design

The other highlight of a Tawny Grogmouth launch is to see what fabulous design Art of Brentos has come up with for the beer can. His art is described as psychedelic pastel punk and as one who didn’t shy away from pastel yellow and green clothing in the late 80s – I identify with the style. This year’s can is a ripper and his colours never miss.

So it isn’t too late to get into a Tawny Grogmouth and thereby support the work of the Sydney Wildlife Rescue. Next time I’ll give you more notice!