Goodbye Keller Door, hello Block’s Bar

Quite fortuitously, Back of Ferry had the first beer at 4 Pines’ newest venue – Block’s Bar. Pommy_ch and this correspondent were enjoying a rare trip on the Side of a real Ferry, when an email came through announcing the new venue. Straight off the ferry and straight into Block’s Bar and a Keller Door unique – Block’s Hazy.

An evolution of names

Block’s Bar is 4 Pines third iteration of the old Out of Africa site. Back in November 2016, 4 Pines Underground opened. Back of the Ferry was front and centre for that opening. Within 6 months, there was a closure and re-opening under the name 4 Pines Keller Door. The original intent of the revamped venue was to focus on the one-off Keller Door beers.

It is very safe to say that a focus on beer is not the intent of this venue. 12 taps and only 6 serve beer. There’s the flagship Pale, the Nitro and the IPA as well a launch unique – Block’s Hazy – but the rest of the taps are decidedly unbeery. Two wines on tap, Espresso martini on tap, seltzer, cider and ginger beer.

The opening hours, the vibe and the fitout suggest late night doof-doof in a teenager’s garage. Certainly bring a flashlight when inside. Food’s cheap. This is the least 4 Pines 4 Pines venue I’ve visited. I think I’ll be sticking upstairs.