Fail fast & learn – 4 Pines Keller Door

I know from my day job that if a business does not learn to try new things, measure for success and be prepared to change direction upon failure then mediocrity soon follows.


Just so you know…..

It seems that 4 Pines Beer are well aware of this advice as their recently opened ‘Underground Manly’ has been shut and re-opened as the ‘4 Pines Keller Door’. Only back in November  2016 we reviewed the venue after attending the launch. The BackoftheFerry correspondents were of course habitual visitors in the following months but patently this was not enough to declare the venue a success.

We are massive fans of the 4 Pines Keller Door series and will make any excuse to get down to the Manly Brewery so we can check the board at the end of the bar for any new Keller Door offerings. Now to have a venue dedicated to them is nirvana indeed. The Keller Door boasts 12 taps and we have tried the new sharing menu and are fans. The valueman in me thinks it worth mentioning the 3 for $20 small plate deal.IMG_5697

BackoftheFerry will be doing our bit to frequent the new set up and here’s to this one being a success.

4 Pines Keller Door
Address: 29/43-45 East Esplanade, Manly, NSW 2095 (click for map)