Induction – Ryan #139

Our first induction for 2022 was particularly cool. Ryan is the son of one of the founding 4, Charlie (or Pommy_ch) Member #3. Great to be having a beer with Ryan, rather than receiving one from him (which is also pretty good) at the Harbord Bowling Club.

Inductions are tough these days, as we refuse to denigrate the time honoured ttradition by holding an ceremonies on the Jade Class Junks that dominate the weekday trips to Manly. Inclement weather and soft deckhands that won’t open the back up are relegating us to the Side of the Ferry, which just doesn’t sound right. But the Side of a Freshwater class is better then any place on a Jade Class Junk.

And so the questions.

Favourite beverage: VB (Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree)

Favourite sport to spectate: (Association) Football

Area of Trivial Expertise: Sport

Favourite Pub and Why: The Harbord Hilton, because that’s where my mates drink

The Induction ceremony was performed on the MV Freshwater by members #1, #2 and #3. It doesn’t get any more august than that.