In love with BEERLOVE

There is simply no better beer than Draught beer. Cans, bottles and cans with widgets are all fine – but when it comes down to it, a cold beer with a beautiful head that is poured straight from a keg is just unbeatable. It is why tap-rooms are going so well right now. People love fresh beer.

Under the watchful eye

Drinking Draught beer outside the pub environment has always been problematic. The kegs are big, getting the gas right is a challenge and my god – the wastage. Smaller systems have come and gone. The only good thing to come out of the Tap King system debacle of 2016 was the sight of Lionel Ritchie singing “Hello, is it beer you’re looking for” literally in a fridge. Well, BEERLOVE have solved that with an ingenious swap and go system that delivers the most simple 2 click keg system to your door. 22.4 schooners of beautiful fresh craft draught beer ready to go. All you need to supply is refrigeration.

Three parts, two clicks

We’ve now used the BEERLOVE system a few times. I’ve signed up my office and it has taken Friday work drinks to a whole new level. The kegs aren’t massive and they easily fit into most fridges with a little shelf re-organisation. Our first keg went down an absolute treat – Trust Tree Pale Lager from Avalon. Brewed on a Tuesday, kegged on Thursday, sliding down our throats on a Friday. The kegs are delivered cold to your door with a small gas bottle and a beer gun, which are both ridiculously easy to connect to the keg. Two clicks and you are away. And no wastage. The beer keeps magnificently for up to three months. (A real failing of Tap King and those German Kegs you get at Aldi.)

Really, the possibilities for where to drink BEERLOVE kegs are endless. So long as you’ve got refrigeration or ice. The system is extremely portable. The Back of the Ferry founders got to meet the BEERLOVE founders, Chris and Rob, out the Back of the Ferry. Now we could have cracked a keg on the Back of the Ferry. That is how portable the BEERLOVE system is. Under the watchful eye of the boys in blue, however, we could only but dream.

We adjourned to The Office to enjoy some outdoor draft beer. The BEERLOVE system came into its own. Outdoor Draught beer drinking – what’s better. We received plenty of envious looks. As impressive as the portability is, the price point is probably even better. Kegs range between $89 to $189, which equates to between $4.00 to $8.40 a schooner. And the beer isn’t run of the mill either. BEERLOVE is committed to craft beer and they have sourced some of Back of the Ferry’s favourites and some that we haven’t discovered. Ekim, Modus Operandi, Nomad, Land and Sea from Noosa, Mountain Culture and Quakers Hat are in the line-up.

Cheers to Beer Love

Good luck to Chris and Rob and the rest of the BEERLOVE team. This is a great idea and really deserves to succeed.