Induction – Terry #129

Tonight’s ferry trip was not Terry’s first rodeo. A long time insular peninsula dweller and workmate of #1 and #3, plenty of froth has been blown off more than a couple over the years with this bloke. The #worldsbestcommute threw on a corking afternoon for Terry’s ceremony and the navy weighed in with a few special boats.

Favourite beverage: Pale Ale

Favourite sport to spectate: Amateur boxing

Area of trivial expertise: Stock Market momentum (no I don’t know either)

Favourite pub and why: The Gilbert Street Hotel, Adelaide. The day that we went to the Adelaide Test, the Northern Beaches curfew was declared. So on Day 2, we found the Gilbert St Hotel in Adelaide and spent an enjoyable afternoon watching the Indians were all out for 36. Unforgettable for many reasons.

Induction ceremony performed by #1, #3 and #100. Post induction rituals performed by #3 at 4 Pines