Induction – John #128

We all expressed surprise that John had not been inducted. Tonight’s trip on the Back of the Ferry with other Back of the Ferry members was by no means John’s first rodeo. For some reason we’ve never gotten around to asking the questions and taking the induction shot.

Plenty of shared history with John. Eastwood, Sydney Uni, Sloths, Byron, Inter-faculty Baa-Baas – the list could go on and on.

Now we are both Back of the Ferry inductees.

Favourite beverage: A glass of Pinot

Favourite sport to spectate: After much deliberation – Rugby League. His first two choices – surfing and rugby union – just aren’t what they used to be.

Area of trivial expertise: Contemporary music (1965 onwards)

Favourite pub of all time and why: Old Icebergs because you sat on your stool with your elbow out on the double hung timber windows and watched the ocean below …and I met my wife there.

Induction ceremony performed by #1 and #3