Nice Guys Brewery – #Fortuitous

In a sign that 2021 won’t be the dumpster fire that 2020 was, I’ve been able to travel to Melbourne for work. I caught up with a good mate at one of my favourite venues – Moondog OG. Splice of Heaven is one of my Top 10 all time beers (haven’t worked out the other 9) and I love having it off the tap. We then strolled down Victoria Parade for a feed. After an amazing and amusing feed of skewered and grilled meat and seafood at Oriental Impressions I bade my friend farewell and started walking towards the Melbourne CBD.

My intent was to make note of future dining venues (honest), but after walking a mere 190 metres from the restaurant, the magic words “Brewery Bar” caught my eye. In a genuinely #fortuitous moment, I found myself outside of one Melbourne’s newest (if not the newest) breweries.

Nice Guys Brewery and Bar is just that. A brewery in a bar. On the evening I visited, the brewer was also the barman. He has created a very groovy space. Truly. If Austin Powers walked in, it’d be no surprise. The brewery gear is tucked up the back of the space and lit up in a pink glow.”

I tried one of his two “Always” beers. The American Pale Ale is very solid coppery pale with a good dose of hops. Lovely. I also love a place that sells branded glassware.

This place will be getting repeat business (after a good Asian feed – but I didn’t make a note of any places…)

Nice Guys Brewery & Bar: 306 Victoria St, Richmond, Victoria