Stomping Ground brewing at Terminal 3, Melbourne Airport

Bring it back for the tennis…

Two years to the day, I was enjoying a beer in Stomping Ground’s brilliant T3 1/2 pop up bar. Big screens, great selection of beer and good food. I must have been impressed because the standout quote was “best airport bar ever”. High praise from a leading authority on Airport Drinking. Yesterday, I visited the new(ish) permanent Stomping Ground brewery at T3 of Melbourne Airport.

Airport brewed

It is a very American Airport set up. Lots of belly-up-to-the-bar seating and plenty of taps. No TVs though. Lots of flight boards. 30 taps and beer brewed on site.

I think they’ve only just re-opened and the COVID19 enforced app ordering systems are playing havoc. Aussies are pretty patient these days (unless your name is Qaren) and bewildered staff and customers realised “We are all in this together”. Food and beer ultimately found their right destination.

I think Tarmac is the first beer I’ve drunk that was brewed at an airport. Pitch back – it has plenty of coffee and hops. Best beer I’ve drunk that was brewed at an airport. And will provide a high benchmark.

This place will go nuts. When times return to normal (they will right?), and the taps are flowing with variety and you can order from a human etc etc – it will be happy days. $40 for a T-shirt though, is literally taking the P I fifty-five. (They are nice T’s, but I didn’t break the bladdamasta “Must be $25 or under” rule.)

Stomping Ground Melbourne Airport: Virgin Australia Terminal 3, Pier E, before Gates 4 and 6